A powerful software for visual automation

Visionairy makes the transition to Industry 4.0 possible by bringing a new generation of industrial vision in factories, more autonomous, more digital and reducing the environmental impact of operations.

Heatmaps of objetcs to highlight defaults
Heatmaps of objetcs to highlight defaults
Heatmaps of objetcs to highlight defaults
Heatmaps of objetcs to highlight defaults
Our technology

GLAD - A new generation of AI for defect detection

We have developed our own computer vision algorithms to solve the most complex defect detection problems. Our technology has been tested and proven on various use cases and today exceeds the state of the art on the industrial databases of the market.

How does it work ?

Create your own quality application in minutes.

Screeshot of the Visionairy app display for the calibration stepScreeshot of the Visionairy app display for the acquisition stepScreeshot of the Visionairy app display for the sorting stepScreeshot of the Visionairy app display for the training step
Plug & Play on cameras and PLCs.
Need only 30 OK images to learn.
Quickly and easily review your data.
Train your own AI in 15 min.
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Picture of microscopes

Compatible with all cameras

Because optical imaging is a crucial step in machine vision, Visionairy Software is plug & play on the best optical systems. Our engineering team is able to design the right combination of cameras and lighting for your specific usecase to get the appropriate contrast on your defects.

Deployed on the equipments of the current market

Our runtime module, Visionairy Run, is deployed as close as possible to the production line on standard industrial computers. It allows us to provide real time detection of your parts in only few milliseconds. For this, we work with the best manufacturers on the market in terms of industrial edge computing.

Photograph of what the Visionairy device looks like in the factory

Our Saas Platform acquisition

A new vision computer standard for defect detection

Set up an application to detect every defect on your production line. No qualified engineer or technician is needed to create your app, our user interface will guide you.

Screenshots of what the Visionairy app looks like
Quality Expertise

Why choose Visionairy?

Our Artificial Intelligence

Unsupervised AI patented and developed with the best research centers (CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay). It allows you to learn "live" looking at production line.

Our Saas Platform

It makes it possible to digitize production to provide real-time monitoring of quality, traceability and monitoring of solutions deployed in multiple sites.

Product values

Key Features

Real time quality detection

Our solution is deployed at the production line level and is able to make a decision on the conformity within milliseconds.

Continuous and autonomous learning

Visionairy software is constantly learning and take into account user feedback without disturbing operations.

Digitize the quality process

The data produced by the quality operations is used to better understand the process and monitor the production.