Elevate manufacturing quality with AI-powered vision

Welcome to the future of visual quality control, where cutting-edge AI computer vision
meets user-friendly technology to easily automate visual inspections.

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AI vision made easy

Visionairy platform allows manufacturers to quickly and simply automate visual inspections
without the need of a machine vision expert or huge image database.

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Find anomalies in real time using AI vision.

Identify manufacturing defects using our machine vision software and take your quality to the next level.

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Inspect 100% of your production

Hardware agnostic

Compatible with any camera or PLC, use existing cameras or install standard & affordable ones.

Patented AI

No need of defect database, use only few OK images to train our patented AI.


Create an AI application
in 1 hour without machine vision background.

Unlimited scalability

Create an app once and deploy it worldwide by duplicate it on multiple
lines automatically.

Case study


We are delighted to equip our third machine. Visionairy has allowed us to monitor 100% of our production and achieve zero defects in customer satisfaction through their AI-based vision control solution.
Production Director, TOSHIBA