Unlocking Potential with AI-Based Computer Vision

Unlock the potential of advanced AI-driven computer vision effortlessly. Experience groundbreaking technology designed to elevate productivity, precision, and operational efficiency, without the need for specialized expertise in vision or AI engineering.

Two softwares - One solution

Visionairy Lab
Cloud platform to create, test & evaluate AI-based computer vision applications

Create, test & evaluate a vision application in less than 1 hour, no computer vision expertise required. Our intuitive user interface guides you step by step, simplifying the process without sacrificing power or precision.

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Visionairy Run
Edge software to empower production lines with real-time vision AI capabilities

Connected to a camera installed on production line, Visionairy Run executes in real time AI vision applications created on LAB platform.

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Why choose Visionairy?

Patented AI for factory vision

Developed with the best research centers (CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay), our patented anomaly detection AI is tailored specifically for manufacturing quality. 

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Easy to use vision platform

Designed for manufacturing quality, our solution grants factory teams the autonomy to address their vision needs independently and democratizes AI-powered vision for all factories.

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What can you do with Visionairy ?

Real time quality inspection

Conducts real-time quality visual inspections and renders conformity decisions within milliseconds.

Continuous and autonomous learning

Visionairy AI can improve over time and take into account user feedbacks without disturbing operations.

Digitize the quality process

The data generated is leveraged to enhance process understanding and monitor production effectively


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