AI-based vision dedicated to manufacturing quality

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence technologies tailored made to overcome standard limit of industrial computer vision and boost productivity, quality precision, and operational success.

Our AI technologies


A new generation of AI for anomaly detection

With two active patents, GLAD is as an unsupervised anomaly detection algorithm specifically designed to tackle the most complex challenges in quality manufacturing. Unlike traditional AI vision algorithms, GLAD is unique in that it trains itself exclusively using OK images. Instead of relying on a predefined defect database, it understands by itself compliance standards and can promptly identify anomalies in new images, whether they are known or unknown.

Only 30 OK images to train

Detect known & unknown defects

Able to highlight anomalies

defect detection
image classification


Image classification algorithm dedicated to quality manufacturing

DNN is a specialized image classification algorithm designed specifically to address quality visual inspection needs in factory settings. It learns from various classes of images and can accurately assign a new image to the most appropriate class based on learned patterns.


Character recognition to enhance traceability

Complement anomaly detections or other visual inspections with character recognition to better support traceability of your quality process. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, it's a technology that enables  to recognize and extract text and numbers from images, such as manufacturing date, lot number, order reference, expiration dates, etc.

Key Benefits

Streamline Quality

Automate subjective visual inspections to avoid random quality decisions and ensure consistent quality levels at all times.

By streamlining processes, you can achieve higher productivity and faster production lead-time.


Eliminate bottlenecks

AI technology automates routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Automate visual inspections to eliminate repetitive and tedious visual tasks from your industrial processes.


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