How it Works

Discover the inner workings of our solution with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to harness its full potential and achieve outstanding results in your projects.

Upload production images and simply label them as OK vs NOK.
Train your AI model in 15 min using only OK images.
View model prediction & evaluate performance.
Deploy on production line & inspect parts in real time in one click.

Upload production images

Seamless data management for effortless testing.

Easily feed our data-efficient AI with your production images using Visionairy's user-friendly data management solutions.

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Create & test your AI vision app in one hour

Effortless AI Vision App Creation

Once your data are upload and sorted, train an AI model in less than 15 min and instantly test it: view model prediction on new images and get a performance analysis report.  

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Deploy your apps on multiple production lines

Efficient Deployment Across Production Lines: Scale Your AI Vision Apps Seamlessly.

Optimize your operations with Visionairy's platform for deploying AI apps across multiple production lines, enhancing productivity and adaptability.

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Latest news on Visionairy

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Centralize your data

Effortless Data Centralization: Streamline your Production Data.

Seamlessly consolidate and manage data from multiple inspection cameras with Visionairy's intuitive tools, get access to your quality historical data improving traceability and operational efficiency.

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