Plug & play on standard cameras, Visionairy solution combines the power of the cloud to train AI models with the reliability of edge infrastructure to empower production lines with real-time AI capabilities.

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Train AI models on cloud

Effortless AI-based computer vision platform

Upload & manage production image dataset on Visionairy's intuitive cloud platform to easily train & evaluate AI vision applications using cutting-edge technologies.

AI models visionairy
AI models visionairy

Deploy AI models on edge

Optimized Edge Deployment: run vision applications in real time on production line

Explore Visionairy's cutting-edge technology for seamless edge deployment, empowering your manufacturing process with real-time AI capabilities.

Hardware capabilities

Compatible with all cameras

As optical engineers, we understand the critical role of the image acquisition setup in ensuring the success of a vision project. That's why we've adopted a modular approach, separating hardware from software, to utilize the most suitable setup for each use case. From retrofitting existing cameras to integrating brand new vision systems, Visionairy software can be plugged on any vision system of the market. 

If you don't have any vision system in place
Our engineering team can design the optimal combination of cameras and lighting tailored to the specificities of your use case & production constraints.

if you already have a vision system installed
Our engineering team is able to retrofit your camera to avoid unnecessary hardware investment.

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Deployed on standard PLC

Our runtime module, Visionairy Run, is strategically deployed near the production line using standard industrial computers. This setup enables us to achieve real-time detection of your parts in just milliseconds. To achieve this, we collaborate with top manufacturers renowned for their expertise in industrial edge computing.

Our partners

Explore the strong partnerships that drive the success of our products. Discover how our collaborations with trusted partners enhance our offerings and provide top-notch solutions for your needs.

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