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From retrofitting existing cameras to design a brand new vision systems, our team of optical engineers is at your service to recommend the best optical set up to ensure the success of your vision project.

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A team of optical engineers

Our co-founders, Daniel and Yannis, first crossed paths while pursuing their studies at the renowned French Institut d'Optique, a globally recognized institution specializing in optics and photonics. With both founders excelling as top-tier vision engineers, optical science is part of our DNA.
Selecting the right image acquisition system goes beyond simply choosing a camera. It involves skillfully identifying the optimal camera resolution, lighting conditions, and hardware distances. Because we know how important it is for the success of your vision project, we put our expertise at your service.

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Identify the best optical set up for your use case

Our engineering team will design the optimal combination of cameras, lens, filter and lighting tailored to the specificities of your use case and taking into account your production constraints.

For each study, receive a report including the list of recommended hardware and a scheme with the ideal optical configuration.

Because our software is hardware-agnostic, we are able to suggest the most budget-friendly hardware options without compromising quality.

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Retrofit existing camera

Plug & play our software on any camera

Compatible with any standard camera of the market, Visionairy software can natively connect to any image acquisition system including GenICam protocol as well as smart cameras.

Limit your hardware investment by using existing cameras for your new vision project.

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